The Modern Parish Council

The first meeting of the civil parish of Horne took place on 4th December 1894. The new council was formed under the 1894 Local Government Act as part of a major reform of local government. These new parish councils took over many of the civil functions of vestries. Their main concern was with local matters that tended to be forgotten or ignored by the bigger councils.

In November 1946 the council unanimously supported a motion by the residents of Felbridge for a separate parish. As a result a new parish of Felbridge was formed and Horne gained parts of both Godstone and Tandridge up as far as Blindley Heath common.

The main activities of the parish council today, and it should be remembered that it is quite distinct from St Mary's parochial church council, concern the potential impact of development of one sort or another on the parish. The future development and other aspects of Gatwick airport, whether its possible expansion or the noise and pollution from planes, is one such area. Local development particularly in the form of planning applications is a regular part of the council's business.

Recreational activities are another area where we have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the enjoyment of the area by residents and visitors alike.